The global identifier indicates the operation title, (eg warranties, transferor invoice, NN invoicess, etc.). Ask your manager/assistant for information.

For the inclusion of operations, use CNAB 400 or CNAB 444.

In the menu, click: Digital signature> My items (will open all the additives).

Ask your manager / assistant, the IG codes and their respective descriptions.

In the menu, click on: Instructions> instruction request. Choose between overtime and rebate. (Remember that putting the instruction does not mean that it was accepted)

It is not possible. We only accept CNAB file (400 or 444).

For several reasons. The most common ones are: outdated java, the machine does not have the digital signature program installed, expired e-CPF, uninstated Token, among others.

In the menu, choose the option Nota Fiscal> Upload NF-E> Send files and open.

If your operation is still in the “typing” status, simply follow the steps in the menu: operation> typing> search> choose operation and Delete.

As long as the title is not in a notary’s office, access the website: and click on the menu “Issue copy of the invoice”.

When it is consulted on the website: settled invoices, there is a column that shows how they were settled, that is, through bank liquidation, repurchase, deposit, etc.

Only when the title is protested.

A title that is in a notary’s office, will only be downloaded if the drawee pays the same in the notary’s office. This discount will be automatic and may occur within 10 days, depending on the period of time for the transfer of each notary. The protested title will be downloaded through a repurchase or deposit transaction in the investment fund account.

3 months.

Access the site; and click on the option: ”Print Copy”.

Yes, if the operation status is as “typing”. Otherwise, only the affiliate can correct.

Ask your manager.