SRM manages investment funds on credit and trade rights abroad, besides performing Exchange transactions. In Brazil as well as in Chile, it acts as managerial. In Peru, as managerial and administrator. The categories are the following:

FIDC Exodus
Known in the Market as FIDCs Exodus, the Investment Funds on Credit Rights of SRM are for qualified investors: institutional, private individuals, pension funds, investment funds and financial institutions, private banking clients. The funds are organized under closed or open condominium, having indefinite term of duration. According to the profile, the transactions may involve mix of assets on receivables credit and cash flow.

Comex Fund
SRM Comex Fund was created in Peru in order to give support to transactions on foreign trade for medium-sized and corporate businesses. This fund advances pay in dollars, for contracts on foreign trade, for exporters and importers, granting their credit rights. It is organized under closed condominium, having a fixed number of quota and pre-determined deadline.

The FIC FIM funds Family is the gateway for the retail investor in SRM investments. These funds are rated as multi-market and organized in FIDCs senior and mezzanine quotas of the Exodus Family. FIC FIM is organized under open condominium, multi-sector and they have indefinite duration.